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We’re excited to introduce you to Emeril Picasso, a talented emcee based in Austin, who was born in India but raised in the United States. He has always been involved in music since his childhood, but he started taking a keen interest in rapping in 2013.

Emeril has moved from being an artist to producer to writer all while being self-taught and wearing multiple hats throughout his musical career. His raps are more artistic and concept-based, some of them are just meant for a good time, but he tries to put meaning behind all the music he makes. He particularly puts emphasis on the subject of mental health and how it relates to him and his life.

Emeril hopes of creating something relatable with people who struggle with similar issues as he does, hence the name of his newest project “Demons and Love”. He has produced, mixed, recorded, written, and performed every track on this project except for “Chaplin Interlude” and “Bliss”, which was produced by two producers in his music group, 99 Diamonds.

Beyond the music, Emeril would like to support producers and musicians in different ways and eventually have the ability to set up enrichment programs to cultivate and appreciate upcoming talent.


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Listen to “Demons and Love” right now, stream the EP on your preferred music service, and connect with Emeril on IG. Also, be on the lookout for our exclusive Q&A with Emeril and our review of the EP, both coming soon!

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