“I grew even more closer to Christ and started sharing my testimony through songs. Though I love using my musical talents to share the Word, I enjoy sharing the gifts that God gave me without even speaking a word.”

— Obie One B.A.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Motivating, Love-Filled, and Authentic.

We’re huge fans of your new song “Hip Hop”; what initially inspired you to write it and how did you connect with DJ Cue and SickFlo?

What initially inspired “Hip Hop” was the track. My first cousin Marquis aka Jimmy Sue Beats made the track and when I heard it I knew I needed it. I added some live drums from Antwane McMullin then started with the words. The words came with ease, because I got to a place where I just wanted some real hip hop. I needed something that had substance with a beat that gives me that old school hip hop feel. So I created what I needed myself with the influence of all the rappers that came before me.

SickFlo is a dope MC and friend of mine. I knew he would do some justice to this song, because he respects MC’s past and present that honor the history of Hip Hop. While we all run in the same circles DJ Cue is one of the dopest DJs in Atlanta.

The last piece of the puzzle was to add in the scratching to make people want to breakdance or just move like they did during the live shows in the 80s. DJ Cue brought that and some with his turntables.

At what point did you decide to focus on your musical talents and spreading the word through it?

I started making music with my best friend in a duo group called FreekieTwinnz Ent. I’m sure you can imagine what all we talked about. However in 2005, I was growing as a man, artist, and a child of God. I never pictured myself as being an artist that shared the Word, but God had a different plan.

At the time when I talked to God about leaving FTwinnz behind, I heard him clearly tell me that I don’t have to be preachy like the rest. He told me I can just talk about my life and lead people to Him. From that point on there was no looking back.

I grew even more closer to Christ and started sharing my testimony through songs. Though I love using my musical talents to share the Word, I enjoy sharing the gifts that God gave me without even speaking a word. For example, some things that are in the Word that we can do daily is show love, kindness, care, hope etc. For all that the Lord has done for me, I am honored to rap about who he is to me and hopefully they can have their own experience after listening.

Will “Hip Hop” be featured on an upcoming EP or album this year? If so, what can you tell us about it and do you have a release date in mind?

“Hip Hop” is the second single from my forthcoming album title “Pray 4 Me 2”. The first single was titled “Pray 4 Me” that featured my 6 year old son Princeton and cousins 3D. I love including my family.

The album will include 10 tracks featuring some respected artists such as King Markiss B.A., Dice Gamble, Ty Scott King, and Baigon just to name a few.

The release date is to be announced; however it will tentatively be around September 2021.

How have your travels internationally influenced you as an artist, in terms of what you write about?

Being about to travel internationally has influenced me to write more broadly. Sometimes we write about our lives and where we are from, but sometimes you need music that can transcend past our environments.

People are connected through the music, so I try to be open when writing. I am broad enough to rap about things that everyone can relate to, but direct enough to connect the masses. The international audience loves American music, so it’s a different feeling when you are blessed to perform in a different country. They may not know you or ever heard of you, but if you can leave them blessed by your music is powerful.

When someone listens to your new single for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

For someone listening to “Hip Hop” for the first time I would want them to first feel appreciation. Appreciate all the founding artists, DJ’s. and dancers that played a role in the origin of the genre.

This is for those that want, need, and seek real hip hop, because they’re tired of mumble type rap music. This is for you. I want people to listen to this song and want to go to a house party, make a beat on the table with their hands, beatbox while someone freestyles, or just walk around with a big boombox on their arms. That’s the feeling I want to leave everyone with.

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