Swizz Beatz reflects on the highly-anticipated collaboration from DMX’s Exodus.

At midnight, the long-awaited DMX comeback album Exodus will finally hit shelves and streaming services. By all accounts, the project captures the vintage Ruff Ryders feel. Many fans are anticipating one track in particular: the second song, “Bath Salts” featuring Nas and JAY-Z. Swizz Beatz originally previewed an older version of the track featuring Jadakiss in the 2017 beat battle with Just Blaze that would inspire the Verzuz battle series.

“It’s a great follow-up,” Swizz told GQ about the track, which follows “That’s My Dog,” a reunion with the LOX. “It’s [back-to-back] New York superhero moments. You have three superheroes from New York that have endless accolades, broke endless records and here they come—it’s a Clash of the Titans. It’s very urgent and lyrical and everybody came with a different style.”

Though they didn’t get together in-studio for the track’s creation, Swizz thanked both parties for being involved. “You hear those three names and you almost wonder what that album would sound like with them,” he told Complex. “So, this song was just a glimpse of that. And thank God that we were able to get that done and everybody was cooperative. My brother, Jay, my brother Nas, I really commend everybody for coming together and putting the egos to the side. X had a certain vibe with Jay, but Jay looked past that. X was past that at this point, too. It was just good to see real hip-hop on some fire beats.

The track is one of two collaborations with Nas on Exodus. Swizz confirmed that the verse on “Bath Salts” has been tweaked. “Jay was content [with keeping his verses as is],” Swizz continued. “Nas changed his because I think he used a piece of [the original unreleased verse] on another song by now. But he went in and [recorded a new verse] in like less than 24 hours, which was a blessing.”


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