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Memphis based rap artist Tru Esco filters out negativity on the impeccably optimistic vibes of “Far From Nothing”. With an uncanny knack for storytelling, his narratives reflect upon the trials and tribulations that come from being self-made. He cleverly takes the best pieces from old-school and contemporary hip-hop.

For the old-school style, the samples have a laid-back quality to them with beats that have a classic cadence to them. Production-wise, the sound absolutely shines for the bass lines and gentle melodies go for a bit of an introspective kick.

Tru Esco’s ability to convey what it means to rise above one’s circumstances does draw favorably from Jay Z’s work, for, like Jay Z, there is an ambition that helps to guide it along. With moments taken directly from his life, Tru Esco’s vocal delivery has much more of a southern rap quality to it. Fully laid-back, his delivery has a mellowed atmosphere about it, with references to Andre 3000’s eclectic work alongside the more recent output of T.I. and J. Cole’s expressive abilities.

On the opening “Far From Nothing Intro”, Tru Esco sets the tone for what follows. “Feel It In My Soul” takes things to the next level, for the soulfulness of the track is a pure joy to behold. Just the right kick of triumph permeates the swagger of “Highs & Lows” for there is a defiance to his lyricism.

Going for a nostalgic vibe is the expressive scope of “Do Ya Feel Me”, featuring De’Jon & Yung Titan, as the snares are full of emotion, as the verses are balanced for maximum impact. A fantastic sample brings a tremendous energy on “Straight Wit No Chaser”. The 70s cadence of “Reflect”, with Alozie, serves as the highlight of the album, for the song has a kindness to it, one that celebrates success. Elegance defines the careful “Ambition”. So much space gives “So Many Nights” a vast sense of contemplation. With “On My Way”, Tru Esco brings it home, featuring a finale that ties it all together, leaving the listener full of auditory goodness.

“Far From Nothing” is a triumphant project, showing off Tru Esco’s ability to create fiery flows alongside looking on the bright side of things.

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