Source: Syng / Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

Former Apple Designer Christopher Stringer is looking to bring new life to the 90-year-old, stagnant audio industry that seems to have moved its focus from speakers to headphones.

Stringer spent 20 years at Apple and helped design groundbreaking devices like the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch. He is trying to bring that same energy to the audio world with Syng’s new Cell Alpha, the world’s first Triphonic speaker. Stringer teamed up with  Damon Way (DC Shoes, Incase) to help usher in a new era of sound, and the Cell Alpha, the company’s flagship speaker, is leading that charge.

Source: Syng / Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

Introduced to the world on May.14, the Cell Alpha promises to deliver users an audio experience not they not only will hear but will feel. The Cell Alpha utilizes “super spatial sound” that the company says will allow you to “to hear, see, and touch sounds,” while giving you “full control with precise placement and localization,” allowing you to put sound wherever you want, shrink it, move it, magnify it or layer it the company boasts.

Or you could let the speaker handle it on its own. Thanks to Triphonic audio, the cell can accurately spatialize sound for any room and virtualize any speaker array.

Source: Syng / Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

An instinctual companion app called Syng Space gives users the ability to augment, control, create, and play sound like they never have before, the company says.

As expected, a dope speaker like the Cell Alpha will cost you some coins. Right now, you can pick one up for $1,799, but based on what the company says, it is fully capable of, and it sounds like it’s worth every penny.

Photo: Syng / Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker